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HFC Network, in the street & the exchange  for OMMA & MIMA including:
  • Device Fit off
  • Amplifier Alignment
  • Node Alignment (Inc. hub to node (old speak)
  • Noise Clearance
  • Leakage (egress) Drive-out (LAW Server database experienced)
  • Leakage (egress) Repair
Administration of SAM HFC for MIMA project including:
  • Outage Planning - Australia wide
  • HFC_Gateway spreadsheet submission
  • IC & FC Submission artefact assistance
  • IC & FC clean up (all those little jobs done)
Device fit off & Commissioning
We install taps, splitters, Directional Couplers, Line Power Inserters, Line Extenders, Global Network Amplifiers, Optical Nodes, so all passives & actives.
Commissioning of all types of HFC actives used by Telstra or Optus. All artefacts captured to the required standards.
FItment of aerial & underground passives & actives. Alignment of actives currently in use by Telstra/ nbn HFC including Optical Node & PBN/  Arris equipment in exchange (hub to node, BMS, ONS rack).
MIMA Outage Planning & Submissions
Permanent or temporary solution for MIMA outage submissions by a very experience outage coordinator.
Perhaps you haven't hired someone as yet, or your coordinator is on holidays.
Send CP .dwg, equipment PRU & preferred dates & we promise quick turnaround.
You will receive a leg by leg map print out with a quick reference for each device including list of parts, a CC of request to HFC_Gateway along with updates on all correspondence.
Design issues highligted in the early stages!

HFC.GURU can plan SAM outage requirements down to each optical node leg, determine resources required & schedule with HFC Gateway on agreed dates for works to commence.
IFDV Design suggestion
We can design a solution for any IFDV situation that can be submitted to "T".
"T" usually suggests a slight alteration however this approach will achieve a quicker result.

IC & FC Clean ups
All those unfinished network jobs hindering your IC or FC can be done by HFC.GURU. EOL test, missing traces, incomplete commissioning sheets missing taps etc.
All IC & FC artefact review & feedback.

FC & IC Artefacts Review
HFC.GURU will review all RF artefacts for SDU & MDU before
submission. We will also assist with "DP response" that may prompt any resubmission or alterations.
Construction: RF Test & Commissioning Results
MDU: RF Test & Commissioning Results